Elements Checklist panels configuration

Any Project administrator can manage Elements Checklist panels from the project settings section of their projects.


Elements Checklist panels live in projects. They are created / edited and deleted by project administrators.
Configurations are per project, it means that a panel configured in the project A cannot be used in project B.

An Elements Checklist panel has a name, is associated to issue types, has a structure composed of attributes and permissions.

Create a panel

From the project settings section of a project, you can find a shortcut to the Elements Checklist configuration page for the project in the left sidebar:

Project settings

Elements Checklist entry from the Project settings

When no Elements Checklist panel have been configured, the configuration page invites to create a first panel:

The configuration page of a panel is a single page where project administrators can configure panel general settings, define its structure and configure permissions.

Create a new Elements Checklist panel

Actions on panels

Panels are listed from the main configuration page of Elements Checklist: 

Checklist panel available actions

Project administrators can :

  • Edit panel configurations
  • Delete panel configuration
  • Export panel configuration in JSON format (is usually asked by our support team)

Possible data loss!

Please note that once deleted a panel configuration cannot be recovered and all the Elements Checklist created in this panels are lost!