Why Elements Checklist?

We developed Elements Checklist with the user and project admin in mind, making it the ideal solution for expense reports, assets ordering, dev estimate calculation, training registration tracking and more.

Creating subtasks requires a JIRA admin - which isn't the best use of their time.
The UX is clunky as users have to go through multiple panels to create one sub-task. If you need to add numerous, structured items within an issue, these sub-tasks can impact your instance's performance.

By creating dynamic tables where users can manage their items and lists themselves, you can avoid sub-tasks.
Elements Checklist allows project admins to quickly create and configure panels. Users with editing rights for the issue can add, edit and delete items.
Per column or row you can add, subtract, multiply and divide the data in your tables.

These calculation fields are automatically updated to keep your data clean.

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