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Listening to changes

In this section, you will learn how to listen for Elements Checklist panel update events.

Available event

There is only one event available in the API for now. 

This is the event definition :

public class PanelUpdatedEvent {
	/** The issue on which the panel was updated. */
	public Issue getIssue() {...}
	/** The panel content after update. */
	public Panel getNewPanel() {...}
	/** The panel content before update. */
	public Panel getOldPanel() {...}
	/** The update time. */
	public long getTimestamp() {...}
	/** The updater. */
	public ApplicationUser getUser() {...}


Listening to events

Listening to panel events works exactly the same as listener for standard Jira events :

public class MyListener implements InitializingBean, DisposableBean {
	private final EventPublisher eventPublisher;

    public MyListener (@ComponentImport EventPublisher eventPublisher) {
        this.eventPublisher = eventPublisher;

    public void onPanelUpdatedEvent(PanelUpdatedEvent event) {
		// do stuff here

    public void afterPropertiesSet() throws Exception {

     * Called when the plugin is being disabled or removed.
    public void destroy() throws Exception {

When this service is instanciated, every update to a panel will call the onPanelUpdatedEvent method.


As there can be a lot of updates on a platform, make sure to only pick the events that you need (especially for synchronous processing)

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