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ScriptRunner setup

If you are using Groovy scripts in ScriptRunner, this section contains useful information about service reference

Reference Elements Checklist

The following code snipplet shows how to import and inject a service from Elements Checklist.

Add-on reference



PanelContentService panelContentService

def panel = panelContentService.getPanel(IssueRef.byKey("ISSUE-1"), PanelRef.byName("My panel"))


Reference to Elements  Checklist

The following code block tells ScriptRunner to look into Elements Checklist when searching for service references. This also helps resolving API imports.


Reference a service

The following code block tells ScriptRunner to look for a specific plugin module. As Elements Checklist publicly exposes PanelContentService, this will be resolved and injected into the panelContentService variable.

Service reference

PanelContentService panelContentService

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