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View and Edit panels

When a panel is associated to an issue type, JIRA users will see it from the Issue view.

Users with edit permission on the issue will be able to edit the Elements Checklist, users without edit permission will only be able to view the data

Elements Checklist panels are visible from the Issue screen, under a dedicated panel: Elements Checklist


Users with edit permissions on the current issue can edit Elements Checklist panels.

Users without edit permissions can only view Elements Checklist panels.


A empty Elements Checklist panel looks like this:

Checklist empty panel

The form used to add & edit Elements Checklist is displayed like this: 

It is not possible to inline edit existing elements Checklist attributes except the checkboxes, that can be bulk edited (set all checkboxes to true or false) by clicking on the header: 

Checklist Panel inline editing

Changes made (creation, modification and deletion) of Elements checkList panel items are mention into dedicated activity panel :

Checklist panel history

Server only

Changes made is only available on the Server version of Elements Checklist.

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