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Why Elements Checklist?

We developed Elements Checklist with the user and project admin in mind, making it the ideal solution for expense reports, assets ordering, dev estimate calculation, training registration tracking and more.

Elements Checklist allows you to create customizable checklists that fit your use cases in Jira

More than a simple checklist, Elements Checklist provides you with a smart table you can completely customize: add as many columns as you need, choose how headers are displayed and include calculated attributes.

Enforce processes without the complications of sub-tasks

Elements Checklist lets you build templates to reuse checklists in Jira issues. In one click, users can insert a list of tasks, clarifying the process to follow. The app allows for multiple templates per issue type. You can control editing permissions based on user role, user custom fields or the status of an issue.

Configuration is simple

Elements Checklist is configured by project admins, which means Jira admins can focus on their core tasks. Configuration is simple and project based: no screens to configure and each project admin sees just their own checklists.

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