At Elements, we're fully committed to making your path from Server / Data Center to Cloud as seamless as possible.

We're working hard to ensure that in the coming months the value you can get from the Cloud version of Elements Copy & Sync matches and even exceeds the one you currently get with our Server / Data Center app. While this is our goal, we know that today there's a gap in functionality between our Server / Data Center product and our Cloud app. 
Most of the key functionalities of the Server / Data Center app will be implemented, however, due to functional differences between the Cloud and Server platforms, we are not able to deliver 1:1 feature parity between the environments.

Rest assured, the Elements team is working hard to ensure our Elements Copy & Sync Server users find similar functionality in Cloud and enjoy an excellent experience with our Cloud app.

Migration path

Steps to follow to migrate from Jira Server or Data Center to Jira Cloud:

If you have any doubt or question contact our support team. We'll assist you in your migration.
Attaching your Support dump file to your request will reduce the support time.

Features comparison with Jira Server / Data Center

This section lists the implementation status of Elements Copy & Sync main features in Jira Cloud.


FeatureImplementation statusComment
Copy issues manually from issue view (tick) Available
Copy issue during post-function(tick) Available
Copy Jira native fields(tick) Available
Copy custom fields(tick) AvailableCheck the list of supported Custom Fields.
Copy comments(tick) Available
Copy attachments(tick) Available
Copy to remote Jira instances(error) Unavailable
Automatic linking(tick) Available
Copy linked issues(tick) Available
Copy external links(tick) Available
Copy subtasks(tick) Available
Create multiple issues at once(error) Unavailable
Copy to Confluence(tick) AvailableThis feature is available on Cloud as a stand-alone app : Elements Publish to Confluence
Copy restricted to specific users(tick) Available


FeatureImplementation statusComment
Synchronisation of fields updates(tick) Available
Synchronisation of new comments(tick) Available
Synchronisation of comments edits(error) Unavailable
Synchronisation of comments deletions(error) Unavailable
Synchronisation of new attachments(tick) Available
Synchronisation of attachments deletions(error) Unavailable
Synchronise issues created by Copy & Sync(tick) Available
Synchronise issues created manually(error) Unavailable

Other features

FeatureImplementation statusComment
Map fields to other fields(tick) Available
Set static default values to fields(tick) Available
Advanced values in Fields Mapping(warning) Partial availabilityDynamic texts can be used in Fields Mapping.
Dynamic dates are only available on-premise for now.
Data Panels(error) Unavailable

More resources to help you plan your migration

Atlassian has published a dedicated Migration Resource Center with step-by-step guides, free tools, and dedicated support to assist you on your journey to Cloud.

Have specific questions about our app? Please reach out to our support team - they're here to help and advise.