What is a recipe?

Elements Copy & Sync recipes are highly customizable tools that allow Jira admins to create copy templates that can be applied to many specific use cases. Admins can create as many recipes as they need for any given situation, and make them available to their users directly from the relevant Jira issues.

Once a recipe has been created, it can be configured from the Copy & Sync administration page to automate many scenarios related to the copy and synchronization of Jira issues.

How to configure recipes

In the following pages, you will find the full explanation of the many configuration options available for our recipes.


In order to offer the best possible performance to all our users, we have put a limit on how many times a given recipe can be triggered in a short amount of time.

This means that operations such as "Bulk issue import" in Jira are not fully compatible when used alongside Elements Copy & Sync. Do not hesitate to contact our Support if you need any further information on this topic.