In the Target configuration tab of a "Subtasks creation" recipe, you can find the settings that let you define how many subtasks will be created by your recipe at once.

Subtasks creation

This section lets you configure how many subtasks will be created and how their Summary fields will be initialized.

Number of subtasks to create

Use this option to select how many subtasks will be created each time the recipe is triggered.
Up to 25 subtasks can be created for each trigger of the recipe.

Set Summary fields

This table lets you initialize the Summary field of each subtask that will be created by the recipe.
Use the text field on each line in the table to set up the Summary of one of the subtasks. If left empty, the Summary of the parent issue will be reused as the Summary of the subtasks.

You can use the "Insert" button at the right of each field in order to select values from the parent issue. These values can be used to initialize the Summary of each subtask with a dynamic value. 


This section lets you configure how the created subtasks can be monitored by the user who triggers the recipe.

Add Watchers

Here you can select which users to add as Watchers of the subtasks created by the recipe among:

  • the Reporter of the parent issue
  • the Assignee of the parent issue
  • all the Watchers of the parent issue
  • the Current user who triggers the recipe