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Keep subtasks synchronised with their parent issue

The need: make sure key fields in the parent and subtasks are always identical

As a Project Manager, you need to make sure that the subtasks you create under your issues are always up-to-date. If any information changes in a parent issue, it's often of the utmost importance that the subtasks do not show outdated data.

The solution: propagate any changes in the parent issue to the subtasks with field synchronization

With Elements Copy & Sync, you can keep the parent issues and subtasks perfectly in-sync, so that you are always sure of the accuracy of you data. If needed, you can also automatically synchronize attachments and comments between the subtasks and their parent issue.


In this example, we will created three subtasks from an issue with the key SUP-1.

This guide explains how to keep the value of the "Labels" fields synchronized between SUP-1 and its three subtasks.


A recipe called "Create three subtasks" has been created, activated and is available on issue SUP-1.

Configuration steps

1 - As a Jira administrator, go to the "Elements Copy & Sync Cloud" administration and click on Recipes in the navigation bar.

2 - In the Recipes listing page, select "Create three subtasks" in the Active Recipes list.

3 - In the Recipe configuration page, click on the Content tab.

4 - Enable the Set and synchronize fields option, if it's not already done.

5 - In the "Fields Mapping options" subsection, use the Add target field option to add the "Labels" field to the Fields Mapping table.

6 - Enable the "Synchronized" option on the Labels line.

By default, the value of the "Labels" field will be synchronized from the parent issue to the subtasks. You can use the Synchronization direction below the table to the direction that suits your needs.

7 - Click on the Save button.


With this configuration, when a user triggers the "Create three subtasks" recipe on issue SUP-1, it will create three subtasks.
Then, every time the "Labels" field is updated in SUP-1, the new value will automatically be applied to the "Labels" fields of the three subtasks as well.


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