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Compatibility with Jira site URL updates

Updating URLs is available for sites that have at least one Jira or Confluence product with a Standard, Premium, or Enterprise plan.

Elements Connect is compatible with such Jira site URL updates. That means you will be able to safely update your Jira site URL without loosing any Elements Connect configuration or values saved in your issues. 

Note that it may take up to ten to fifteen minutes before you can have access to Connected items on issues. Before this short delay, Connected items will be temporarily inaccessible due to Jira constraints. Do not worry, Connected items will be accessible again after a few minutes.

Change your datasources using Jira REST API

If you had configured datasources using the JIRA REST API, make sure to update their configuration to use the updated URL as base URL as these will no longer be valid. You will also need to generate a new token for this instance.

For more information about how to configure a datasource using the JIRA REST API, please refer to this tutorial.

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