An Elements Custom field is a connected select list retrieving data from configured external data sources.


Single select list custom field:

  • Users can pick only one value
  • Unlimited data sets are available (external data sources retrieving more than 1000 options)
  • Dependencies to other Connect custom fields

Read-only custom field:

  • Value is automatically calculated and displayed
  • Value is not editable

We are not stopping here and we want to offer more value than our historical Connected items. We have already started working:

We also want to bring features that matter to you, so if something is missing to achieve your use case, please contact us.


If you seek inspiration, I'd avise you to take a look at our use cases section and see how you can increase your efficiency by adopting Elements Connect.

First steps

Once the data source is configured, go to the Connected fields tab where all of the previously created connected fields are shown:

Click on "Create a Connected field", where the following pop-up will be displayed.
Choose "Custom field" as the Connected field type:

Choose your custom fied type you want to create.

Next steps