Detailed pricing for Elements Connect for Jira Cloud

Elements Connect for Jira Cloud is currently in free beta for a limited time. 

At Elements, we believe in transparency and understand that app pricing is an important concern because you need to plan your budget. You can retrieve the detailed pricing for Elements Connect for Jira Cloud after the initial free beta is over in the below table:

User tierMonthly flat fee in USD
Up to 10$5
User tierPrice per user per month in USD
101- 250$0.4

Here is a list of pricing examples:

Team size1020507510020025050075010002000300040005000
Monthly price (USD)$5$16$40$60$80$120$140$184$228$272$448$624$800$976

To summarise, Elements Connect for Jira Cloud will be sold as a monthly or annual subscription. You'll be eligible for support and automatic version updates as long as your subscription is active. If you have 10 users or less licensed for your Jira Cloud instance, you’ll only pay $5 per month for Elements Connect for Jira Cloud. If you have more than 10 users, you'll be charged per user amount based on the user tier.


How is annual Cloud pricing calculated?

Annual Cloud pricing is calculated on a tiered basis (just like the monthly per-user Cloud pricing). Note that by choosing an annual subscription, you're automatically granted a discount as you are only charged for 10 months of the year, rather than 12 months if you were to subscribe on a monthly basis. 

Can I trial Elements Connect for free before purchasing it?

For the time being, the app is in free beta so you can use it for free until our beta program is over. 

Then, Elements will offer a fully functional free 30 day trial of Elements Connect for Jira Cloud to companies who wish to try our product. Once this trial period is over, the cost of the app will automatically be included in your next bill unless manually deactivated via the Manage Apps page under the Jira Administration menu.