My synchronization doesn't work, I have an error "Record validation errors" 

This error means that you already are using the dataset in another ticket field.

My synchronization has warnings

  • Duplicate values have been found in the query result of dataset

This means that in the dataset result, some values were found more than once. Elements Connect removes the duplicate values while doing the synchronization. We suggest you to update your dataset in order to better specify your query.

  • Dataset returned more than 500 values

For performance reasons we limited the results to 500, so it's possible you won't have all the data returned by the query. We suggest you update your dataset in order to specify your query for fewer results or configure more datasets.

If you want us to raise that limitation, please contact us here: Support

I have unknown error in the Error report page

These errors means that something went wrong with Elements Connect.

In order to keep Elements Connect at its best, please send the error id to our support hereSupport