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6.2.0 Release note

Release note


Storage format migration tool and better support of Salesforce


If you're upgrading from v5, read this release note carefully!!

  • CO-3101 - You can now use the Salesforce datasource when your Jira base URL is not reachable from outside your network
  • CO-3692 - Copy "Live text" field display value in a "Snapshot text" field with Elements Connect post functions
Admin tool
  • CO-3607 - If you have upgrade from Elements Connect v5, you might be bothered by the change in the storage format.
    This version brings a migration tool you can use to convert the Connect field values stored with the v5 format (XML) into the v6 format (JSON)
    Learn more about this tool.
Bug fix
  • CO-3688 - getOptionName() is not retrieving name of the "child" of Jira Select List (Cascading)

We are working on our next project: Elements Connect for Jira Cloud! ☁️

If you are a Jira Cloud user or plan to migrate your Jira Server instance to Cloud: register here to be updated of our progress!

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