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6.7.0 Release note

More efficient URL datasources & /createmeta compliance

Timeouts on URL datasources
We have added two timeout on URL datasources: connect & read timeouts.
Our goal is to reduce the impact on issue loading and field edition when a datasource is not reachable or slow to respond.
Read more about this new feature in the product documentation. See also CO-3761

/createmeta compliance

Elements Connect is now compliant with the /createmeta endpoint of Jira REST API.
It is now possible to set the value of Elements Connect fields while creating issues from external tools like Test Rail.
Read this page (Jira REST API) and this page (Test Rail) in our documentation to learn more.

Bug fixes

We have fixed a bug related to OAuth authentication on URL datasources (see CO-3787 and CO-3807).
It's now possible to connect fields to more REST APIs like Microsoft Azure or ApiGee.

Upgrading from Elements Connect 5

If you're upgrading from Elements Connect v5, read this release note carefully!

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