Field configuration

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Fields configuration page

Elements Connect datasources definitions can be configured from Connect administration page, in the "Fields" section:

This screen is displayed when there is no field configured. You can create a field from the Elements Connect administration by clicking on the "Create an Elements Connect field" button.

Read more about the different field types.

Once a field is created, click on it to configure it.

You'll be shown a temporary screen where you'll have to choose between 3 options:

  • Create a default configuration: select this option if you'd like to start your configuration from scratch
  • Copy an existing configuration: select this option to start from the configuration of an already configured screen
  • Import an external configuration: select this option if you'd like to import a field configuration from another Jira instance or from our examples

Now you can configure your first Elements Connect field!

Read more about the field configuration.

Available administration options

Once you have at least one Elements Connect field, the fields list provides the following options (available from the cog menu) :

  • Clear configuration: removes Elements Connect configuration from the custom field making it unusable by users. Use this option if you want to reset a field anew
  • Export: exports and downloads an Elements Connect configuration from the field as a Json file

Did you know

The exported file can then be imported when configuring another unconfigured Elements Connect field by using the "Import from existing configuration" option in the wizard.

Furthermore, we provide a comprehensive catalog that can be used to create common configurations lighting fast!

  • Delete field: deletes the custom field and its configuration from Jira (this option is available unless the configuration exist without a corresponding custom field, e.g. from a full Elements Connect restore from another Jira instance)
  • Screens: opens in a new tab Jira custom fields/screen association page (this option is also available only if the custom field exists).