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CSV Import - How to set Elements Connect field when creating issues from a CSV file


You want to import issues from a CSV file.

In this file, a column stores values of an Elements Connect field: 


Element Connect field

Hello world


Salut le monde


Ola el mundo




  • An elements connect field must be configured

  • The value of the elements Connect field in the CSV file must be a valid key.

How to

Single value fields

If the Elements Connect field is a single value field, you can simply write the key in the CSV file.

Let's say the values you want to import are:

  • 10000

  • 10001

  • 10002

The CSV file would be:

summary,connect field
hello world,10000
salut le monde,10001
ola el mundo,10002

Multi values fields

If the Elements Connect field is a multi values field, you must enclose the field keys in a JSON object:


the CSV file would be

summary,connect field
hello world,"{""inputValues"":[""10000"",""10001""]}"
salut le monde,"{""inputValues"":[""10002"",""10003""]}"
ola el mundo,"{""inputValues"":[""10004"",""10005""]}"

Please note that we have use the " char to wrap the field value and thus the " chars in the file are escape with " char (the result is a double ": "")

If you're not sure if the Connect field is a single or multi values fields, you can use the JSON syntax for single values fields too

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