Configure a File datasource

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The File Datasource allows you to declare an access to a local file (any file accessible with file protocol).

To access to a file accessible through a HTTP protocol please refer to URL datasources configuration

Datasource configuration

Configuration depends mostly on file content type (format).


Define the Datasource Name. The name will be used later to reference the datasource connector to use in the configuration of Elements Connect custom fields.


Write a small Description to qualify this datasource. This is a reminder of why you are using this connector.

File path

Specify the File path, relative or absolute, to access to the file or folder. The only requirement is that your Jira must have read access to the target.

You may specify a folder to represent a common parent for all fields using this datasource and which will be completed dynamically based on some variable.

One thing to keep in mind is that this path will be concatenated with what is defined in your Elements Connect field configuration 'query' property.

Date format

Select the Data Format, three formats are available: XML, JSON or CSV.

SQL on CSV files

The options are limited when a field is connected to a CSV file:

  • it's not possible to build dependencies between fields
  • fields connected to large files (100Mb and more) can take time to load

(lightbulb) Instead of using a file connector to get data from a CSV file - you should configure a JNDI connection using a CSV JDBC driver.

With this option, you'll be able to run SQL queries on your CSV files and you will benefit from the advanced features of SQL.

Field configuration

See Field query configuration