Configure a LDAP datasource

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The LDAP datasource can be used to access any User Directory compatible with the LDAP protocol like OpenLDAP, Apache Directory Server, Open Directory, Active Directory, ...

Datasource configuration

Elements Connect LDAP datasource can be configured from Connect administration page, in the "Datasource" section. Just fill the parameters used by your LDAP datasource in the Elements Connect Datasource configuration screen, make sure that the connection is working by testing it and save your configuration.

(info) If you are not sure which parameters you should use - contact a LDAP Administrator of your organisation.

Edit configuration

For security reasons, customer secret value will not appear in the edit configuration screen.
If you want to change the customer secret you can click on Change password. A field will appear to let you enter a new one.


If you do not click on "Change password" link while editing, Test connection action will use the password stored in database.

If you click on "Change password" and let field empty, Test connection action will use an empty password.

Field configuration

See Field query configuration