Configure a URL datasource - Github REST API

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  • Settings:
  • You are redirected to your application home page on Github
  • Note the Client ID and the Client Secret, they will be needed during the configuration of the datasource in Elements Connect.

That's it from the Github side.

Elements Connect

Now, you'll create a new datasource in Elements Connect.
You must be a Jira admin.

  • Login into Elements Connect administration
  • Go to Datasources
  • Add a new URL datasource

  • Settings:
    • Name: Github (or any value that makes sense to you)
    • URL:
    • Authentication: OAuth2
    • Content type: JSON
  • Click on the "Configure" button below "Authentication"

  • Settings:
  • Click on "Get new credential"
  • You're redirected to Github authorization screen
  • Click on the green "Authorize XXX" button
  • You're redirected to the Elements Connect datasource configuration page
  • The "The authorisation process was successful." informs you that the configuration is successful 
  • Click on "Close"
  • You can save the datasource

That's it!

You can now connect your fields to Github REST API.
See how to list GitHub repositories in an Elements Custom field.