Improve performances

This guide shows you how to make Elements Connect work faster and better. We talk about smart ways to store data, how to get information quickly, and how to avoid slow-downs. By following these tips, you can help make sure the app runs smoothly for everyone who uses it.

Activate datasource timeout

Discover how setting datasource timeouts can prevent your app from hanging due to slow external data sources, maintaining a smooth user experience.

Activate the Cache

Learn how caching can dramatically decrease load times by storing frequently accessed data, making it essential for enhancing app responsiveness.

Configure a custom Display View (Live fields only)

Find out how customizing display views can prevent unnecessary data fetching, crucial for speeding up load times in dynamic fields.

Don't execute useless queries with $query.abort()

Learn how to avoid executing unnecessary queries in your app, saving resources and improving performance, especially in fields with dependencies.

Enable gzip compression for URL datasources

See why enabling gzip compression is a simple yet effective way to reduce data size for faster transmission, significantly boosting your app's speed.

Reduce the "Max Suggestions" option

Understand the performance benefits of limiting the "Max Suggestions" in your app, crucial for managing data processing load and enhancing UI responsiveness.

Use the Autocomplete editor and $userInput

Explore how utilizing the Autocomplete editor with $userInput can streamline user interactions by filtering results, offering a more responsive and efficient user experience.