Configuration Manager Integration

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What is it?

Configuration Manager for Jira is a popular administration tool that helps administrators transfer configurations and data between Jira instances.
It is a powerful tool that can help you manage use cases that Elements Connect cannot such as configuration merges for example.

The app supports a wide range of Jira configurable elements such as Elements Connect configurations.

What is supported?

Configuration Manager for Jira can export all Elements Connect configuration items.
Elements Connect is compatible with versions 6.8.0+ of Configuration Manager for Jira.

Data Center configuration

If you have a Data Center version of Jira, additional configuration items are available. They can be part of the Configuration Manager system snapshots.

If you check "Global App Data" box:

They will not be part of a project snapshot.

Datasource definitions

When using a project snapshot, only the datasources used with your field configurations will be handled. When in system snapshots, all datasources are handled, including eventual unused.

Field configurations

Configuration Manager for Jira manages all custom fields definitions, but Elements Connect fields have additional configuration. These configurations have several dependencies: towards a datasource and potentially towards other Jira configurable items. The datasources dependencies are fully handled. The other dependencies are not all covered.

Only issue dependencies are managed : $issue.* 

Hard coded dependencies to projects, issue types, etc. are not detected as well as JQL custom field references (cf[xxxx]) and may end up incorrect on the target Jira.

Examples of unmanaged dependencies:

JQL : project = "My Project" and cf[10101]~"keyword"
SQL : select * from jiraissues where project = "10000"

Elements Connect is able to detect when a deployment has been performed and will display a message prompting you to check your field configurations for such dependencies:

Post Function configurations

Elements Connect post functions referencing Elements Connect fields are fully handled with both snapshots types.

Disable Elements Connect integration

In case you don't want Elements Connect to be taken into account when using Configuration Manager for jira, you can disable its integration by deactivating the corresponding modules.

Go to the Manage Apps page of Jira, open the list of modules embedded in Elements Connect and disable the modules whose name starts with "Configuration Manager":