Java API

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Elements Connect exposes a public Java API and a list of associated services that allow fields manipulation.

Read the associated Javadoc


Elements Connect exposes two services to manipulate fields display and values.

Fields display service

This service allows you to generate the display (issue view) associated to an Elements Connect fields.

Check IFieldDisplayService javadoc for more details.

Field values service

This field allows you to manipulate (read and write) Elements Connect fields content (programmatic content).

Check IFieldValueService javadoc for more details.

The method computeFieldsValue is implemented since Elements Connect 6.


Check the following use cases (depending on your context). They contain examples on how to get a reference to Elements Connect services:

API Versions matrix

Elements Connect exposes its Java API as follows:

Elements Connect versionElements Connect Java API version
6.x0.2.0 - javadoc
5.14.x0.2.0 - javadoc
5.13.x0.1.0 - javadoc

API reference

To use Elements Connect API, you'll need to add a reference to your project (for Java projects).



Add this dependency to your pom file:


The provided scope is important.


You will need to add the following repository for Maven to resolve the dependency : 


Direct reference

In case you need a direct reference to the API, you can directly download the archive from our repository:

Or directly from here: