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You can update Elements Connect fields values by using the standard Jira REST API with the PUT method:

  "fields": {
   "customfield_10000": ["10001", "10002", "10003"]

with "customfield_10000" an Elements Connect customfield ID and "10001", "10002", "10003" valid values for this field.

The valid format to set values is an Array of String(s).

For more informations about Jira REST API, please refer to Atlassian developpers documentation.

Elements Connect REST API

Additionally to the standard way, Elements Connect also exposes a REST API of its own. This API allows a remote service to generate the HTML content rendered for a Elements Connect field in an issue for one of the following views :

  • Issue view
  • Issue Navigator column
  • Xml export
  • Rest specific view

Elements Connect REST API specifications