Create Elements Connect custom field

In this section, you'll learn how to:

  • create your first Connect field
  • connect your field to a data source

3/ Create an Elements Connect field connected to a data source (2 min)

1/ Create an Elements Connect field step-by-step

Let's create a Jira project picker listing all the projects available in your local Jira instance:

  1. Click on the button Create an Elements Connect field
  2. Select the category 'Snapshot' (learn more about the difference between Snapshot & Live)
  3. Select the type 'Text'
  4. Name the field "Project Picker"
  5. Click on Create. Your field is now created and added in the Fields tab.

Elements Connect create field screen

2/ Connect the Elements Connect field to the data source step-by-step

  1. Click on the field name "Project Picker"
  2. Choose the Default configuration mode for this field.
  3. Select the data source you want to connect to, here the Jira SQL database
  4. That's it! You directly access the field configuration interface.

Field configuration selection

Selecting datasource for new field

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