6.0.3 Release note

Fix compatibility issues & other bug fixes

If you upgrade from v5, please read this release note carefully!!

In Elements Connect 6.0 we introduced some changes in the fields value storage format which had an impact on the compatibility of Elements Connect with third-party apps. We did our best to make sure Elements Connect remained compatible with the most popular third-party apps, however, we didn't take into account some commonly used apps.

In this version, we're fixing some compatibility issues that weren't addressed by the 6.0 version.  

Rest assured that we know how integration with other apps is important for customers and that fixing compatibility bugs is our #1 priority.

Bug fixes:

  • CO-3572 - Broken compatibility with JEMH
  • CO-3579 - Can't set Connect field values when importing issues from CSV
  • CO-3577 - Elements Connect does not display correctly special characters (like Cyrillic alphabet or chars with accents)
  • CO-3576 - Dependencies between fields appear broken whilst they should not