Connect field values are not migrated between CMJ v6.11.0 and v6.12.4

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Since Configuration Manager v6.11.0, only the Elements Connect configuration can be migrated from one instance to another, and Issues data is no longer migrated (when using a "Project with issues" Snapshot):


Since version 6.11.0, the way that Configuration Manager migrates custom fields has changed.

This problem occurs because only the CustomFieldConfigurationHandler interface is used when migrating Connect fields, while the CustomFieldDataHandler and IssueDataHandler interfaces (related to issue data migration) are not taken into account:

  • CustomFieldConfigurationHandler is used to export/import the vendor’s configuration for the custom fields that they are providing in Jira. It allows resolving references to other Jira configurations inside the custom field’s inner own configuration.
  • CustomFieldDataHandler is used to export/import the vendor’s specific data stored in custom field values. It also allows for using references to other configuration objects in Jira. Note that this interface will not be invoked if the custom field value is plain text. 
  • IssueDataHandler is used to export/import the vendor’s specific data stored in issues. This is not restricted to custom field values only.


Depending on your Jira version, you can either: