Configuration catalog: examples of fields set-up you reuse

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Elements Connect is the go-to app to connect Jira fields to any data source. As such, it's a powerful tool that you can use to accomplish many use cases.

The examples you'll find here will help you get up to speed quickly with its configuration. They range from basic use cases such as the filtered issue picker to more advanced configurations like the Best Buy catalog searcher. 

While our goal is to make Elements Connect easy to configure, it requires some efforts to be fully mastered. Our selection of popular configurations is here to guide you on your journey learning how you can use Elements Connect. 

Examples are grouped by data source. Each of them contains a short demo, an explanation on how it has been implemented and a direct link to download the field configuration so you can try it on your own instance.

(lightbulb) Don't know which use case you should start with?
Have a look at the Elements Connect demo portal where they are all implemented (thumbs up).

Local Jira instance

Use caseDescriptionDemoComplexity
Filtered issue pickerAn issue picker that only lists issues matching a predefined JQL filter link(star)
Similar issues

Display issues matching the current issue summary; the similar issues list is updated as the user types. 

It allows to prevent the creation of duplicate issues. 

Fields missing in JSM

Some Jira fields are not natively available on Jira Service Management:

  • Group picker
  • Project Picker

but, they can be implemented with Elements Connect.


Remote Jira

Use caseDescriptionDemoComplexity
Remote issue pickerTo reference "something" that is listed as an issue in a project of another Jira. It can be an existing bug, a user story,
Remote project component & version pickerCross reference components / versions of between Jira project on remote

User directory

Use caseDescriptionDemoComplexity
LDAPGet user information from a LDAP (phone, email, manager name, organization, etc.)
Automatically fetch data about the current user.


Use caseDescriptionDemoComplexity
Live exchange rateThis is particularly useful for teams managing quotes, proposals or costs in Jira and dealing with multiple


Use caseDescriptionDemoComplexity
SalesforceUse these fields to provide agents with additional information about customers raising request from a Jira Service Management portal.
The information can be made only visible by the agents.

Knowledge base

Use caseDescriptionDemoComplexity
Suggest Confluence articles related to Summary

Suggest relevant knowledge base articles in live when a customer is about to create an issue.

It's quite similar to what Jira Service Management natively offers, but with Elements Connect you can go much further:

  • Here the CQL query used to get the articles can be fine-tuned and it's possible to get pages from many spaces.
  • It's also possible to connect to any KB system (given it offers a REST API or you have access to its database)
Suggest Atlassian Community posts related to Summary

Dynamically list Atlassian Community articles matching the content of the "Summary" field

Suggest relevant knowledge base articles live when a customer is about to create an issue.


Product catalog

Use caseDescriptionDemoComplexity
Best buy

Build a product catalog browser connected to Best Buy REST API

Let your user select:

  1. a product category
  2. a product

and see the product information in a read only field



Use caseDescriptionDemoComplexity

What it does

  • Field 1: Display the translation of the content of the description field.
  • Field 2: Indicates the language in which the description is written.

Use case
When a user inputs the issue description in a foreign language, automatically translate it to english to ensure agents understand the request.

How it works
Elements connect fields are connected to the Deepl REST API.