GitHub - Create a GitHub repository picker

Table of contents

Use case

Connect Jira to GitHub and create a repository picker.

Can be used in a scenario where Jira is used to manage access requests. With the "GitHub repositories" field, a manager could select to which repository the access shall be granted to a new developer joining his team.

This is just an example, the GitHub REST API gives access to plenty of information like Issues, Pull requests or Users.

In this example, we list all Mozilla repositories



First, create the GitHub datasource in Connect.


  • Download the field configuration: Repositories_export.json
  • From Elements Connect administration, create an Elements Connect field of type Live Text
  • Click on the field name to configure it and select the third option: "Import an external configuration"

Select "Import an external configuration"

  • Select the "GitHub" datasource created previously
  • That's it! The field is now configured. You can adapt the query ("URL Path") to your needs, check out the GitHub REST API documentation to discover what you can do with it.
  • Click the "Save" button, the field can now be used from an issue.

Your field is now properly configured