Jira - Project, component & version picker

Table of contents

Use case

Connect fields to a remote of the current Jira REST API

We'll show you how to create:

  • a project picker
  • a project component picker
  • a project version picker

Those are just examples, the Jira REST API gives access to plenty of information like Users, Issues or Groups.

A project picker connected to Atlassian's Jira

Project field in the issue view



In this demo, fields are connected to Atlassian's Jira.

We use a URL datasource configured as follows:

But, the same use case could be implemented on


  • Download the fields configurations: 
    Name Version Published
    Components_export.json 1 2020-04-24 15:43
    Jira_Project_export.json 1 2020-04-24 15:43
    Versions_export.json 1 2020-04-24 15:43
  • For each field configuration:
    • From Elements Connect administration, create an Elements Connect field of type Live Text
    • Click on the field name to configure it and select the third option: "Import an external configuration"
    • Select the Jira datasource of your choice
    • Upload the JSON file
    • Click on Import
    • That's it! your field is now configured