Edit an Elements Connect field

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Field types

Elements Connect fields provide many different fields types which are all perfectly integrated with Jira and JSM UI and behaviour wise (e.g: Resources field below).

To edit a field, any standard Jira means can be used (mouse hovering then clicking on the field, using a shortcut, etc.). When in edition, an Elements Connect field may take different forms depending on its configuration:

Select list




Radio button

Read onlySpecial type that cannot be edited by a user

Elements Connect fields can be viewed and edited like any other field on issues configuration screens, dialog and also on JSM request screens creation.

Dependent fields

When a field on which depends of an Elements Connect field is edited, Elements Connect overrides the default Jira behavior and provides an intermediate screen. This screen allowing to change values of all fields affected by the dependency tree:

The purpose of this custom screen is to force data consistency between dependent fields.