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Elements Copy & Sync post function

The Elements Copy & Sync post-functions offer the possibility to trigger an operation during a workflow transition under some conditions (all operation parameters must be set).

You can learn more about workflow post-functions in the Atlassian documentation.


In order to configure an Elements Copy & Sync post-function :

1. Go to Administration > Issue > Workflows

2. Locate the workflow which needs to be updated and click on its corresponding Edit button.

3. Select the transition on which the Elements Copy & Sync post-function must be set up.

4. Click on the Post Functions tab.

5. Click on the Add post function button on the right.

Create and link Jira issues post function

Elements Copy and Sync add post function

Two Elements Copy & Sync post-functions are available on the following screen :

create and link Confluence page post function

Elements Copy and Sync select post function

The first option, "Create and link Confluence page" triggers the creation and the linking of a new Confluence page through an Elements Copy & Sync operation.

The second option, "Create and link Issue", triggers the creation and the linking of a new Issue through an Elements Copy & Sync operation.

Selecting one of these post-function leads to the following pages:

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