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Improve how issues are displayed in your epics with Elements Copy & Sync

Optimize how your epics are displayed and improve how teams analyze the work load by creating an Elements Copy & Sync customizable data panels.


Epics are issue types delivered by Jira Software that are ideal when a big user story needs to be broken down. For teams dedicated to the Agile method, they are a vital element in structuring work over the long run.

While the native features in Jira Software are impressive, the epic's display could be optimized to improve how teams analyze the work load.

Here is how Jira currently displays issues from an epic view:

Epic Issues in Jira

There are few things that could be improved when viewing an epic in Jira:

  • It is not possible to sort and customize the epic panel columns visible within the issues. 

  • We can’t reorganize issues in the epic panel by specific conditions. For example, if you want to organize the panel based on story points, you wouldn't be able to achieve this with the native Jira.

  • Issues are aggregated together in the same panel despite their status. It's therefore difficult to get a sense of what issues are still in progress. 

  • It is not possible to remove a story from an epic. 

In short, what you see is what you get.


Sometimes, presenting data in different ways can have an important impact on the productivity of the users. Elements Copy & Sync can do much more with its customizable data panels.

With an easy installation and configuration of our Elements Copy & Sync app, your data panels can start looking like this: 

Display issues in Epic in Data panels

Now from an epic, we can see issues grouped by status. In this example, we have two panels:

  1. Issues to do
  2. Issues completed

We've also configured a footer to display the sum of story points of each category and we've hidden the native Jira "Stories in Epic" panel as we don't want duplicated information on screen.

Let's configure them together.

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