Data Panels

What are they ?

Configuring a Data Panel makes you design the way the linked issues and Confluence pages are displayed on the issue view or in Jira Service management customer portal.

By configuring a Data Panel you are able to select the information which will be displayed for each linked issue or Confluence page.

Data Panels in Jira issue view

Each Data Panel created for Jira issue view is displayed as a single independent panel. By clicking on the 3 dots to the right of the linked issues you can access the options to:

  • Edit the linked issue
  • Transition the issue in a specific status
  • Delete the link with current issue

Elements Copy and Sync Data Panel

In the main Jira issue view, it is possible to sort the items in the Data Panels by clicking on the name of the columns.

Due to an Atlassian limitation on how sortable table are refreshed, this action is only possible :

  • in the main Jira issue view, and not in the tab view or in a quick issue view
  • as long as the current issue has not been updated since the page was opened (otherwise, you have to refresh it)

Data Panels in Jira Service Management customer portal

Configuring a Data Panel on the JSM view could be a good way to show the progress of the related tasks to your customer. When a Data Panel is displayed in a JSM view, we will not propose actions for each of the linked issue.

Copy and Sync Customer portal data panel


Displaying Data Panels in Jira Service Management customer portal is compatible from JSM version 3.2.x