Confluence Content tab

This page allows you to select the information about linked Confluence pages which you want to be displayed.

Copy and Sync Confluence data panel content

Linked pages filter

This field allows you to filter and sort the Confluence pages which will be targeted by the data panel.

All the page information you want to appear on the data panel will be displayed for the selected pages specified in this field.

The linked pages filter requires a CQL query.

For more details about how to build a CQL query please have a look at the Advanced Searching using CQL

Table display

Here you can choose if you would like to display the data panel table headers or not.


In this part you can add or remove data you want to be displayed. You can as well modify their order of appearance by dragging and dropping.

If you would like to use a specific title for a column, you can check the option "Use title" and type the desired value in the title input.

Confluence data panel table display