What is it ?

An Elements Copy & Sync operation is basically a Create and Link action. 

It can be used to create a JIRA Issue or a Confluence page from an issue, create a link from the source issue to the created issue / page and to inject values of the source issue into the target.

Elements Copy & Sync gives the possibility to add a button in the Issue view and/or a new option in the More menu.

An operation can also be executed during a transition thanks to the Elements Copy & Sync post-functions.

Operations administration

To access the operation administration page:

  1. Go to the Administration menu > Addons > Elements Copy & Sync
  2. Click on the Operations tab. The following page is displayed:

  3. The list of configured operations appears in case, some are already set up:

    For better readability operations are grouped by server in this particular order (local Jira operations, any remote Jira operations, any remote confluences operations).

  4. Several actions are possible at this point :
    • The Add button leads to the configuration page of a new operation configuration.
    • The Display settings button gives access to general configuration of Elements Copy & Sync.
    • You can see the list of configured operations if there is any. You will notice the following information :
      • Active: indicates whether the operation is active or not. A deactivated operation will not be available for users (i.e. not visible in the issue view screen).
      • Name: label of the operation.
      • Active on: displays the activation JQL condition if any
      • Created link: for local Jira only, displays the type of link that will be created by the operation.
      • Link issues: for remote Jira only, show if issues will be linked by the operation or not.
      • Target: gives information about the action of the operation. Different pieces of information can be displayed :
        • In case the target is a Jira issue then the issue type and target project will appear in case they are configured.
        • In case the target is a Confluence page then the page title and space will appear (or an Elements Connect field).
      • Mapping: displays the fields mapping used by the operation if any.
      • Copy: displays what is copied by the operation (attachments, Jira links, Confluence links and comments).
      • Visible in: indicates if the action will be visible on the issue view screen (Elements Copy & Sync panel) and/or in the More action menu.
      • Actions
        •  leads to the configuration page of the operation. 
        • You can copy the existing operation by clicking on the button. 
        • The operation can also be deleted with the  button.