Issues tab

In this tab, you can fully configure which Jira issues must be synchronised with other issues.

Issue synchronisation configuration

This tab offers the following options:

Server : this is the target JIRA instance which will be synchronised. It can be a remote instance configured with a JIRA Application link.

Synchronisation rules

Source issues : match source issues with a JQL query. Leave the field empty to not apply any filter.

Link direction : the type of link which is taken into account by the synchronisation. For remote server, all links with remote issues corresponding to this server will match.

For a bidirectional synchronisation, it will be necessary to create two synchronisations : one for the inward link and another one for the outward link. (Example : "blocks" and "is blocked by").

Target issues
 : match target issues with a JQL query. Leave empty to not apply any filter. 
This option is not available for remote server and subtask link types.

Synchronisation triggers

Trigger on link : When this option is activated, the synchronisation will happen as soon as two issues matching the Synchronisation rules above are linked. 

This type of synchronisation trigger will only synchronise the fields from the source issue to the target issue at the moment the two issues are linked. This means that the comments and attachments that already exist in the source issue when the issues are linked will not be copied to the target issue during this initial synchronisation.

Synchronisation chaining

Propagation : choose whether the synchronisation stops after one link or if it continues until the synchronisation criteria are no longer met.