Step 1 - Remove issue linking permission on your project

The first thing you need to do it to restrict who can create links in your Jira project.
You do not actually want issue linking to be available on your project, except through Elements Copy & Sync Data Panels.

1 - Go to Project settings > Permissions :

Restrict issue linking permission on your project

2 - Click on Actions > Edit permissions :

Edit project permission to restrict link permission

3 - Restrict the "Link Issues" permission to the project Role "Administrators" :

Restrict Link permission to Administrator role

Of course, you may want to allow some other users to link issues within your project. Feel free to configure your permissions as needed: issue linking will only be restricted to Data Panels for users who do not have the native Jira linking permission.

That's it! Your project permissions have been updated as needed. 

Configure your first Data Panel