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Get more data on which to build the analysis?


Time scope selected during initial setup is not enough for you to draw solid conclusions? If you need to go further into your data history, Elements Pulse can retrieve additional data.

Please note that any change regarding projects scope will restart initial computation.


This guide explains how to expand time scope of the Elements Pulse analysis.
The example will focus on retrieving data since project creation.


A first analysis has been computed, based on on one of the following options:

  • retrieve last 30 days data

  • retrieve last 6 months data

  • retrieve last year data

Your projects included in the analysis include more data than what you selected.

Configuration steps

  1. As a Jira Administrator, click on the “Access settings” button

  2. Go the the 'Time Scope” section

  3. Click on the dropdown menu → all other time scopes available will be displayed here

  4. Select “Since project creation” → every request will be integrated to the analysis.

  5. Save your changes


Older data from your current projects will be computed - expect loading times (depending on project size)

New time ranges may appear. Your older data will be included in ‘All time’ option.


In order to avoid new computation for each change on project scope, we recommend you change simultaneously: projects, time scope and categories

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