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Set objectives to improve my XLAs?


Being able to measure productivity or satisfaction is one thing, but it means nothing if it is not compared to specific, measurable objectives that align with your business strategies. This process helps you focus efforts on areas that are crucial for success, enabling you to monitor progress and make adjustments as needed. By defining clear targets for your indicators, you can better motivate your team, drive improvements, and achieve desired outcomes more effectively.


This guide explains how to define goals for your indicators.


A first analysis has been computed.

OPTIONAL It includes 3 months of data analyzed.

Configuration steps

  1. Click on the “Goals” section

  2. Find the indicator you wish to set a target on

  3. Analyse your past data:
    Current result → latest completed month
    Previous month result → Penultimate completed month

  4. Set a target

Changes are automatically saved.


Monthly goal freshly defined will be represented on Insights page, on every indicator with a goal.


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