With Elements Publish to Confluence, Jira users can create Confluence pages from any Jira issue in a single click.

One process shared by your whole team

With its automated page publication process, Elements Publish to Confluence will help your users save time, and ensure that they will all use the exact same templates in their documentation pages or notes.

When you want to centralize all your Jira related documents in a specific location, with the same format and all the required information, it is crucial to know that no error was introduced during the page creation. By configuring your recipes just once, your Confluence pages will always have the information you need, in the layout you require.

Design your pages with the layout you need

When creating a page with Elements Publish to Confluence, the in-app text editor lets you configure the content and layout of your document.

Whether you want to insert data from your Jira issue into your Confluence page or always use the same template, you will always know exactly how your documents will turn out. To provide a complete picture of what is in the Jira issue, you can also copy attachments and labels to your Confluence page, and a link is automatically created.

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