Organizing any type of knowledge base requires users to follow specific rules. The bigger the knowledge base grows, the harder it gets to keep it organized.

With Elements Publish to Confluence, you can select the space and parent page of the Confluence pages that your users will be allowed to create with a recipe, thus making sure that every page gets created exactly where it's supposed to.


In this example, we will create a Confluence page from an issue with the key SUP-1.

This guide explains how to configure the recipe so that all pages created with it will be located under the "Troubleshooting articles" page of the "Knowledge Base" Confluence space.


A recipe called "Add to Knowledge Base" has been created, activated, and is available on issue SUP-1.

Configuration steps

1 - As a Jira administrator, go to the "Elements Publish to Confluence" administration and click on Recipes in the navigation bar.

2 - In the Recipes listing page, select "Add to Knowledge Base" in the Active Recipes list.

3 - In the Recipe configuration page, click on the Target tab.

4 - In the "Page context" section, use the Space field to select the target space "Knowledge Base".

5 - Then, use the Parent page field to select the target parent page among all the existing pages within the space selected in the previous step.
In our example, we select "Troubleshooting articles".

5 - Click on the Save button.


With this simple configuration, when a user applies the "Add to Knowledge Base" recipe from issue SUP-1, the page creator will display this space and parent page as the target location of the new page.