The status bar only provides read-only contents. A cell content can't be edited from the status bar.

Information inside the status bar

In Spreadsheet, the status bar provides information about your current selection(s). This bar can be found at the bottom of the editor.

The information displayed by the status vary according to the current selection(s). For example, the previous screenshot show the "raw" value of the C3 cell : a formula, and not its result "30.80". If the selection contains more than one cell, other information can appear. For example, by selecting the A2:A6 range we can see two things :

  1. The "Léo" value is displayed in the status bar, because A2 is the reference cell of the current selection. 
  2. On the right of the status bar, a "COUNT" information has appear. Its value, "5" is the same result as the COUNT function applied on the A2:A6 selection.

A reference selection cell can be quickly spotted : it's the only cell in the selection without a grey film on it :

Now, if the selection contains at least two cells with valid number, more information are displayed :

As the COUNT information, MIN, MAX, SUM and AVG (average) return the same result as the functions of the same name.

Interacting with the status bar

Two interaction are possible with the status bar :

  • Clicking on the "fx" button replace the current cell content by a "=", in order to start a formula,
  • Clicking on the displayed value start the edition of the current cell.