Spreadsheet table can be rendered in a Confluence page as a Table or as an IconThe rendering mode is selected when editing the page itself. When editing a page, click on the Spreadsheet macro and select the Properties button.

A pop-up window will appear in which the rendering mode can be selected:

Display options

TableYour Spreadsheet document will be rendered as an HTML table inside you Confluence page.
IconAn icon is displayed with the document name. Clicking on it will open the document in full-screen

If your document is displayed as an icon, the other properties below are not available.

Buttons options 

By default, these buttons are added on the top of the Spreadsheet document rendered as a table :

  • Full-screen: opens your document in read-only mode,
  • Edit: opens you document in the Spreadsheet editor,
  • Export: exports your document to the Microsoft Excel format (.xlsx)

You can chose to not display these button by selection "No" for the "Show buttons" options.

Width options

Same as editorYour Spreadsheet document original width is conserved. Some scrollbars are added if the document is too large for the Confluence page.
Fill all the available spaceYour Spreadsheet document will try to fit the Confluence page width. This option is not recommended for large documents.

View options

By default, all tab sheets of your Spreadsheet document are rendered in your Confluence page:

Viewers can select the sheet to display by clicking on the sheet tab. However, you can select which sheets are displayed by clicking on "Selected sheets" for the "View" option :

Then, you can select one ore more sheets to display via the "Visible sheets" drop-down list :

The displayed sheets are listed under the "Visible sheets" option. Some actions are available on the sheet list : 


Sheet order - UpChange the position of the sheet tab in the Confluence page

Sheet order - Down

Remove sheetRemove the sheet from the displayed sheet list