Sorting data with Table filter and Charts for Confluence macro.

To sort your data with Table Filter and Charts for Confluence macro, please follow these instructions:

Step 1 - Create a Spreadsheet document

The first step is to create a Spreadsheet. If you need help while creating a new spreadsheet please read this page.

  1. Insert your Spreadsheet macro and the file you want to display
  2. If you want filter data on a specific sheet, you'll find all the instructions on this page.

Step 2 - Create and configure the Table and Filter macro

  1. Click on "+", in the action bar to open the insert menu and go to other macros
  2. Once Table filter and charts application is installed, type "Table filter" in the upper-right search menu
  3. The Table Filter and charts graphic editor will now pop up and you can insert it on your Confluence page

Step 3 - Move the Spreadsheet into the Table and Filter macro

The last step is to move the Spreadsheet macro into the Table and Filter macro:

  • Now simply drag & drop or cut & paste your spreadsheets into the Table Filter macro.
  • You can sort one or multiple table columns in the ascending or descending order. To do that please follow these instructions:
  1. Select the macro and click Edit.
  2. Click on the Table View tab.
  3. Just below you have the Default Sorting box.
  4. Click it and select the columns with the appropriate sorting order in them. Once you have saved the macro and the page, the defined sorting order is automatically applied to the selected columns.