With Elements Spreadsheet for Confluence, you are able to import and export Excel files as much as needed in a few clicks. You'll find below the tutorial describing the steps to follow.

Create a Spreadsheet document from an Excel file

Good to know:

  • Elements Spreadsheet supports Excel document with .xls and .xlsx extensions
  • The Excel document size must be less than 1 Mb

First, go to your Confluence page where you want to import your Excel file and insert the spreadsheet macro. Then, select "Import file". 

Create a Spreadsheet by importing an Excel file

Click on the "Browse" button to select your Excel document on your computer.

Browse files to create a new Spreadsheet

Finally, click on the "Ok" button to start importing your document. Once the import finished, your document is ready to be edited in the Spreadsheet editor.

To be available on your Confluence page, you have to save your imported document in the editor (even if you don't edit it)

Export a Spreadsheet document to Excel

Your document can be exported from two places.

From the Spreadsheet editor

Simply click on the export button in the toolbar :

Export a Spreadsheet from the toolbar

From you Confluence page

If your document is displayed as a "table" and the buttons are available (see the display selection), you can export your document using the "Export" button :

Export a Spreadsheet from Confluence page