Cloud migration

At Elements, we're fully committed to making your path from Server / Data Center to Cloud as seamless as possible.

Elements Spreadsheet is available on Confluence Cloud and migrating from Server/Data Center to Cloud is fully supported and does not require any additional steps.

Migration Path

When migrating your Confluence spaces to Cloud using the native Atlassian tool, just make sure that your .scc attachments are included in the migration. These attachments are where your Spreadsheet data is saved.

Once your Confluence migration is done, you will instantly be able to resume your work in Elements Spreadsheet, exactly where you left it.

If you have any doubt or question contact our support team. We'll assist you in your migration.


Elements Spreadsheet offers the same features on Confluence Cloud as on Server/Data Center.

More resources to help you plan your migration

Atlassian has published a dedicated Migration Resource Center with step-by-step guides, free tools, and dedicated support to assist you on your journey to Cloud.

Have specific questions about our app? Please reach out to our support team - they're here to help and advise.