The Alternating row colors feature improves readability and the display of any sheet. The following colors are available with this feature:

  • grey (default color)
  • red
  • green
  • blue
  • yellow

Clicking on the button will apply the selected color every other row of the whole current sheet. You can change the color or remove it by clicking on the arrow on the right as shown above. The last selection is recorded and is applied to the entire sheet.

Integration with Headers and Footers

This feature can be combined with Headers and Footers features. When both are applied, headers and/or footers will be displayed on top of alternating colors. Their color will be adapted to the one selected through alternating colors. By default, it is a darker grey.

Integration with background color

This feature can also be combined with background color. The background color will always be prioritized.

Alternating colors and headers

Alternating colors and background color

Alternating colors, header and background color