The filters feature in Elements Spreadsheet allow you to add filter on specifics columns, in order to filter rows in an entire sheet.

This feature is only available in the Elements Spreadsheet editor. Filtered rows are not displayed when the table is rendered on the Confluence page.

Adding filters in your sheet

You can add filters in three ways : from the dedicated sidebar, from the toolbar or directly from the headers menu actions.

A column can be associated to only one filter

From the filter menu

Simply click on the filter icon in the toolbar : to display the manage filters sidebar on the right.

Click on , select the column to use then click on "Create".

You can close the sidebar by clicking on the hide sidebar icon  present on the right of the toolbar.

From the headers action

Right click on a cell in the column name to display the menu then select "Add filter on Column name" to directly create a filter on the corresponding column.

Add Filter from headers action

From the context menu

Right click on a cell in the table to display the context menu then select "Add filter on Column name" to directly create a filter on the corresponding column.

Add filter from the context menu

Usage with header and footer rows

You may need to define headers and footers in your sheet, expecting to do not filter these particular rows. Fortunately, the Spreadsheet filter feature acts only on the rows between the defined header and footer areas.

Furthermore, when an header is defined, the column name is updated by using the content of header cells.

Filter indicator

When a filter is used, an indicator appears on the top of the concerned column :


A filter exists for this column, but it currently doesn't filter any row in the document.

A filter exists for this column and it currently filters rows in the document.

Filters configuration

Managing filtered values

Once your filter is created, you can manage which values you want to see by checking or not values in the list. The value "Select all" allows you to select or un-select all the values in the list. You can also use the search bar to quickly find relevant values to filter.

Managing filtered values in Spreadsheet

Enabling and disabling filters

You can enable/disable all filters by using the toggle button on the top of the filter sidebar. 

Each filter can also be enabled/disabled unitary by clicking on the toggle button next to filter name.

Reordering filters

Filters can be reordered to change their priority. Click on the  icon and drag the filter to its new position.

Collapsing filters

If your sheet contains a lot of filters, you can collapse some of them by clicking on the  icon, in order to free some space.

Applying filters

Once your filter configuration is ready, you just need to click on 

Removing filters

Like for adding filters in your sheet, you can remove them from the sidebar or directly from the header action.

From the filters menu

Click on the filter icon :to display the manage filter sidebar on the right. Click on the  icon next to the filter name.

Via the header action

Click on the arrow next to the column name to display the menu then select "Remove filter from Column name".

Remove filter from the header action

Via the Cell action

Right click on a cell in the table :

Remove filter from the Cell action

Using in filter in read-only 

Filter can also be used in read-only (fullscreen mode on the rendered Confluence page). Click on the blue button on the right of the editor to open the filter menu :

In read-only, modifications on filters are not saved.